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Embracing the unknown with a leap of faith
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Leap of Faith

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Shelve Wounded Grace. But it was in California and I knew that I did not want to live in California. Could I do that? Could I live away from George? My daughter Rachel was in Northern California. My other two children were on the east coast. In consultation with all of them, I decided that I would do it if we could all take turns and visit as regularly as possible.

Everyone agreed. There are angels on the earth and one of them was the director of that facility.

Yearning to take leap of faith like Peter did

For the price of his ticket he came to Florida to meet George, get to know him a little and take him back to California with him. I bless him to this day. But when George was no longer nearby for me to see, touch and tend as much as I was able, I was bereft. It was as if I had received his diagnosis all over again.

Kenny Loggins - Leap of Faith (from Outside: From The Redwoods)

I developed a lot of physical problems, ran to doctors, ended up depressed and wondering what was I going to do with the rest of my life. It had all been about George for a very long time. Now he was well cared for and I was in need of finding a life of my own. My daughter Liz and grandchildren were in Florida just down the block from me.

But there was no other joy for me there. I craved seasonal change, excitement, theater, live classical music, great food, museums. I wanted: New York City. Even though I hadn't been back in many years, it was more 'home' than any other place I'd ever lived. But I was way too scared to strike out on my own, or so I thought. I had already mourned the loss of my husband as he had been, mourned the loss of my former life and had made great strides into self confidence and the awareness that I was reliable, responsible and capable of living life on my own.

But moving to The Big Apple seemed so far outside my comfort zone I thought it would just remain a dream. And then one day I realized that if I did not get out of that comfort zone and listen to what my heart and soul were telling me I would end up on that proverbial death bed saying How brave you were to make such a leap! How many people wish they could do the same, but don't.

If only courage came in a bottle Thank you so much for the kind words. I suspect there are so many doing the same as I did but who haven't written about their journey. Makes me believe that anyting is possible with faith and courage - and age is not the barrier many think it is. Have learnt a great deal from the path you have had to walk - thank you, Sheila, for your honesty and bravery.

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Thank you, dear Phillipa for your kind comments. I do believe we are all walking as bravely as we can down our own paths. Sometimes it just takes reading about someone else's journey to know that we, too, are walking alongside, or a little in front, or a little behind but we are all one in our efforts to make the best of life that we can. Back Psychology Today.