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  1. La Caverna = The Cave (Punto de Lectura)
  2. La caverna = A caverna (Punto De Lectura) (Spanish Edition) by José Saramago | eBay

At the very core of the book are the hispano-parlantes--the Spanish-speaking children--who bring to the schools, along with their native language and cultures, a wealth of resources that must be tapped and to whom all educators have a responsibility to respond. True to the concepts of developing bilingual educators to serve bilingual students, the text presents chapters in English and Spanish.

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Each chapter is written in only one language at the preference of the author. Thus, to be successful with this book, the reader must be bilingual.


La Caverna = The Cave (Punto de Lectura)

Themes emphasized in the text include current reading methodologies, the concept of reading as developmental literacy skills, reading in the content areas, new views of the development of proficiency in the second language, issues related to students with special learning needs, assessment, and the uses of technology in the delivery of instruction. Never losing sight of its goal--to teach reading in Spanish to bilingual or Spanish-dominant students--the book includes a series of focusing questions and follow-up activities; these are not simply translations of existing activities, strategies, and techniques intended for monolingual English students, but specifically designed to be appropriate for Spanish-speaking students.

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Language is one of the main characters in the novel, a fresh language that is beaten, widened, rolled out. On the other side of the border, identity, just like language, is no longer known territory.

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La caverna = A caverna (Punto De Lectura) (Spanish Edition) by José Saramago | eBay

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